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09 Aug 2010
I used to go with my Mum and Dad to Meadowbank as a baby and then through to Coatbridge and Powderhall. My dad was called Bert Weir (Whitecraig)and died in 1982 aged 46. He was an avid supporter and attended almost every week and we travelled to many away matches too. It would be good to hear from anyone who remembers him.
27 Dec 2009
Thanks Mike Hunter for keeping your promise to me that meant so much.
31 Oct 2009
Hello everybody. Ian Gill has just finished a speedway book with 4 ex-riders. I will be one of the 4 riders listed. A must read for Monarchs fans. Lots of good old speedway stories. Can you please purchase the book as all proceeds to be donated to injured ex-riders. The site is which will tell you more about the book. Cheers, Ivan
13 Sep 2009
I would like to commend Mike Hunter for his years of service he has given the Monarchs. God bless him....
10 May 2009
Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am the Director of "Eating Dust", which is a great new British feature film set in the world of Speedway racing. The film is a Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels meets Waking Ned and Local Hero. Some of you may have read our recent interview in Speedway Star, so you will probably know the problems we have had trying to get this movie off the ground! We love this sport and everything about it, and we feel that it is a diamond in the rough and with such amazing on-screen potential. What other sport has players driving round a huge dirt track oval on a bike with no brakes?? To the average Joe in the street its barking mad, but that's part of the appeal and we are hoping to portray the excitement of the sport to the wider public. Eating Dust is going to be used as a vehicle to raise Speedway's profile in the UK and internationally. The sport is in desperate need of a shot in the arm (especially in the UK), both financially and profile-wise and our film could really help to do this. This is why Eating Dust has been fully backed by Speedway Star, BSPA, Sky Sports and BSI as well as other key figures within the sport. Everyone is coming together to try us help make it. We're on Sky Sports being interviewed in the next week or so and you should see stories about us appearing in the newspapers and websites etc. Basically we're just trying to speak to anyone who will listen! However to get this film on screen we really need the support of you all, the Speedway fans. We have launched a sponsorship campaign for Speedway fans to sponsor the movie, in return for lots of different benefits, including signed DVDs, merchandise, name appearing in the film credits, set visits, meeting the stars and riders, tickets to the film premiere and even starring in the movie (as an extra or walk on part). Sponsorship packages start from as little as £25 and are in three levels, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD. We are also in discussions with sponsors and companies within the sport to assist and for everyone to work together to make this film happen. We've had an amazing response so far, with a steady stream of sponsorships coming in, but its just the beginning. We have a good proportion of the finance already in place, and are looking for the remaining amount to get the green light and go. To put it in perspective, if we get 4,000 fans putting at least £25 in, the financing will be complete and we will be good to go. We need to have the remainder of the budget raised by the end of June or this film will not happen at all. Together we can get this film onto the big screen and make Speedway huge again. We've got Nicki Pedersen appearing in the movie, and are talking to some other big Speedway stars of past and present, including 6 current grand prix riders and some legends of the track... Check out our website ( or more information. You can also click on Facebook and join the "Eating Dust" group there too If you have any questions or require any further information, chuck them in this thread and I will be happy to answer them. You can also contact me on speedway at (i have removed the symbol to prevent spam) Thanks so much for listening and in advance for your support. Without you guys it is not going to happen. Cheers Jade
11 Apr 2009
Would appreciate any supporter that could give me any information on a speedway table tennis league which was on the go in the fifties in Edinburgh.
09 Oct 2008
I want to say great job Monarchs on the championship in the premier league. I am now a fan as i know Ryan Fisher and have seen him ride quite often on the short tracks here in the states,actually california.He's a great rider and down rite nice guy and always has been personable to the fans and i'm happy he's found a great team and mate's(just wish he was still racing here though)and has been a great addition to the team...Well from a new fan that is also part scotch and part irish(my pappy says i like to drink but i'm too tight to buy)living in southern california,USA bloody great dirt kicking job MONARCH'S and good luck in the playoff's Sincerely the wild man
30 Jul 2008
hiya i love the speedway i no ronny anderson. thanks joshua
09 Sep 2007
c'mon monarchs ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lets show em wat scotland made offf ! xxx
18 Jan 2007
Have missed years of enjoying Speedway. Look forward to new season.
29 Jun 2006
Hi, I had a season when i rode at powderhall in 1981 i was on loan from sheffield, although i struggled to come to terms with the track i had some great times and met a lot of nice people, I am trying to locate a photo of me riding, can anyone help ?. kind regards, Guy.
29 Mar 2006
to anyone and everyone ,do you have or can you send or can you email me pics of george hunter, any team , era or condition, and im willing to kiss yer feet, lol. many thanks x
18 Mar 2006
C'mon Monarchs and everyone else, get into a speedway manager game.
13 Mar 2006
Into Speedway History? Have a look at were we are attempting to produce the speedway equivalent of cricket's Wisden. Any help to fill the gaps in our information base welcome.
10 Mar 2006
Great page, not too fancy but well balanced! Cheers!
09 Feb 2006
Theo Pijper fan clu Adults £5.00 and 6 stamps UNDER 16'S £3.50 and 6 stamps for more info e-mail
17 Jan 2006
The Czech Golden Helmet will be held on the weekend of 14th and 15th October
11 Oct 2005
Next years Czech Golden Helmet date has not yet been settled. It probably won't be settled until the FIM Conference. The Helmet will be held either the last weekend in September or the first weekend in October depending on GP dates.
10 Oct 2005
Hiya all. Especially Jimmy and the gang. Look forward to hearing from Jimmy soon, either via email or snailmail. 2006 GH dates needed asap, as me and a few pals are interested in going. Also, a new quiz needed please....
21 Nov 2004
To Ewan todd. I can e-mail you photo of George Hunter & Jimmy Cox. Taken around 1962 in pits at Old Meadowbank.
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