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The Next Armadale Meeting

Parsons Peebles Monarchs v Peterborough Panthers : 19.30 : 26 May 2017

Next Away Meeting:   Sheffield Tigers v Monarchs: 19.30 : 1 June 2017

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                 PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 2003, 2008, 2010, 2014, 2015
                 PREMIER LEAGUE CUP WINNERS 2014, 2015

                 NATIONAL LEAGUE KO CUP WINNERS 1981
                 PREMIER LEAGUE KO CUP WINNERS 1997, 1999, 2014
                 PREMIERSHIP WINNERS 1998

                 NATIONAL LEAGUE 4 TEAM CHAMPIONS 1981
                 PREMIER LEAGUE 4 TEAM CHAMPIONS 1993, 2013, 2015
                 PREMIER LEAGUE PAIRS WINNERS 2014

                 SCOTTISH CUP WINNERS 1951, 1964, 1967, 1977, 1984,1985, 1988,
                                                           1989, 1992, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002,
                                                           2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

The Monarchs Speedway Supporters' Club is totally independent from the Promotion of Edinburgh Speedway.

The Primary function of the
is to support the Edinburgh Monarchs Riders and Edinburgh Speedway.

All riders are treated equally, when presentations are made. The only criteria is that riders have to have ridden six meetings for the Monarchs before they become eligible.

MSSC support the Promotion throughout the season by running the "Half Cut Draw" at each home meeting, the longest running prize draw at Edinburgh Speedway, donating the profits to them. In 2015 additional aid was provided in the form of heat sponsorship each week. This past season, 2016, the Promotion have received £3,131 and in the preceding sixteen years back to 2001 received a total of £57,477 towards the running of speedway at Armadale from the

The Jack Young Memorial Trophy presented at the Scottish Open and the Rider of the Year Trophy (Rosebowl) , which is presented to the Top Monarch of the season, as voted by the Members of the affilliated Branches, are the property of the MSSC.

The MSSC's Secondary Function is to provide a Social Scene for the Supporters of Edinburgh Speedway.  

Both functions obviously overlap. Look out for frequently updated Diary Page, which will tell you about  Pub Hunts, Discos, Quizzes and lots of other events during the years to come. 

The MSSC has four affiliated Branches. They are Meadowbank Branch, Skittles Branch and Stockbridge Branch. Why not join the members at one of their Branch Meetings. Details of when they meet can be found in the Diary Page. The Branches compete each year in a Speedway/General Knowledge Quiz for the R.L.Rae Trophy

Current Trophy Holders
Jack Young Memorial Trophy     
Sam Masters 
Rider of the Year Trophy              Sam Masters 
R L Rae Trophy                               Not Competed For





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Monarchs Speedway Supporters' Club Unofficial Site

Coming events
22/05/17 - Kent - Sittingbourne vs Stoke Potters (H)
22/05/17 - Wolverhampton - Monmore Green vs Swindon Robins (H)
23/05/17 - 20.00 : Monarchs Speedway Supporters Club, Stockbridge Branch Meeting - Haymarket Bar, Edinburgh
24/05/17 - Birmingham - Perry Barr 2 vs Buxton Hitmen (H)
24/05/17 - King's Lynn - Adrian Flux Arena vs Rye House Rockets (H)
25/05/17 - Redcar - Media Prima Arena vs Scunthorpe Scorpions (H)
25/05/17 - Sheffield - Owlerton vs Glasgow Tigers (H)
26/05/17 - Belle Vue - National Stadium vs Stoke Potters (H)
26/05/17 - Edinburgh - Armadale vs Peterborough Panthers (H)
26/05/17 - Plymouth - St Boniface Arena vs Swindon Sprockets (H)
27/05/17 - Ashfield Giants vs Halifax Dukes (H)
27/05/17 - Berwick - Shielfield vs Redcar Cubs (H)
27/05/17 - Berwick - Shielfield vs Redcar Bears (H)
27/05/17 - Eastbourne - Arlington vs Plymouth Devils (H)
27/05/17 - Glasgow - Peugot Ashfield Stadium vs Peterborough Panthers (H)
27/05/17 - Northside - Derwent Park,Workington vs Workington Meteors (H)
27/05/17 - Reading @ Eastbourne vs Devon Demons (H)
27/05/17 - Stoke - Loomer Road vs Lakeside Hammers (H)
27/05/17 - Workington - Derwent Park vs Ipswich Witches (H)
28/05/17 - Lakeside - Arena Essex,Purfleet vs Cradley Heathens (H)
28/05/17 - Buxton - Hi Edge 2 vs Isle of Wight Warriors (H)
28/05/17 - Mildenhall - West Row vs Belle Vue Colts (H)
28/05/17 - Newcastle - Brough Park vs Halifax Dukes (H)
28/05/17 - Newcastle - Brough Park vs Scunthorpe Scorpions (H)
29/05/17 - Birmingham - Perry Barr 2 vs Isle of Wight Warriors (H)
29/05/17 - Cradley @ Wolverhampton vs Belle Vue Colts (H)
29/05/17 - Kent - Sittingbourne vs Eastbourne Eagles (H)
29/05/17 - Leicester - Beaumont Sports Complex vs Rye House Rockets (H)
29/05/17 - Peterborough - EOES vs Workington Comets (H)
29/05/17 - Scunthorpe - Normanby Road vs Newcastle Diamonds (H)
29/05/17 - Scunthorpe - Normanby Road vs British Youth Championship 250 (H)
29/05/17 - Scunthorpe - Normanby Road vs British Youth Championship 500 (H)
29/05/17 - Swindon - Abbey Stadium vs Somerset Rebels (H)
31/05/17 - King's Lynn - Adrian Flux Arena vs Swindon Robins (H)
01/06/17 - Ipswich - Foxhall vs Newcastle Diamonds (H)
01/06/17 - Isle of Wight - Smallbrook vs Plymouth Devils (H)
01/06/17 - Redcar - Media Prima Arena vs Ashfield Giants (H)
01/06/17 - Redcar - Media Prima Arena vs Glasgow Tigers (H)
01/06/17 - Sheffield - Owlerton vs Edinburgh Monarchs (H)
01/06/17 - Swindon - Abbey Stadium vs Leicester Lions (H)

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